From the EditorThis edition of Aviation News Journal marks the 30-year anniversary of the magazine's existence. Established in 1991, the magazine has been transformed on a number of occasions, but it has always continued to promote aviation in Canada. The publication originally started out in newspaper format, titled Aviation News and Trader. Today, it is a popular glossy magazine, enjoyed by pilots and aviation enthusiasts primarily in Canada, but also in the USA and other parts of the world.

Our readers may have noticed that this edition has been published slightly later than normal, and that is because the team has been working hard on an exciting new project. I have always been put off by digital magazines, whether they are of the 'flip book' variety, or simple PDF files, even interactive ones. It could be just me, but I dislike scrolling through seemingly endless PDF versions of a printed magazine. Flip books can work quite well on desktop computer with a large monitor, but when viewed on a mobile device, one constantly has to zoom in and out to read articles. After a long search for a solution, we discovered a company well-suited to helping us develop a way to make online magazine reading intuitive and effortless. Now, I am happy to announce that we have developed a progressive web app for Aviation News Journal. The app makes ANJ issues and articles responsive, which means they can easily be read on any device, without the need to 'pinch zoom' or rotate your phone or tablet. It also works great on computers. Additionally, the ANJ app can easily installed on a phone or any other device with a single tap or click, and used in exactly the same way as any other Android or Apple app. With this new format, we hope to include younger readers into our current audience. It also enables us to reach an international audience, while bringing aviation news to our readers more quickly, not to mention the fact that we can bring you more photographs and even videos.

So, I would like to invite you to visit and install the app on your phone, or whichever device you regularly use to read articles or watch videos. Thank you for being a part of this exciting development.

Until next time, fly safely.
Divan Muller
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