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First Flight of the RCAF’s CH-146C Mk II

Bell Textron Canada Limited has announced the successful first flight of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s modernized CH-146 Griffon helicopter. This variant of the Bell 412EP was developed under the Griffon Limited Life Extension (GLLE) project, which aims to sustain the RCAF’s CH-146 Griffon fleet's capabilities through the 2030s.

24 June 2024Military
Top Aces conducts first ‘Adversary Air’ training mission with upgraded A-4 Skyhawks in Canada

Top Aces announces the successful completion of its first training mission in Canada with the A-4 Advanced Aggressor Fighter (AAF).

20 June 2024Military
New footage of DC GA Flyover

An enhanced video of AOPA's National Celebration of General Aviation Flyover of Washington, D.C., includes previously unreleased footage and the best look yet at the epic aerial parade.

7 June 2024General Aviation
Apache Guardian's Dutch Debut

On March 14, 2024, the first Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian was delivered to 301 Squadron at Gilze Rijen Air Force Base in The Netherlands. This is the first of twenty Apaches that 301 Squadron is planned to receive.

28 May 2024Military
Four Years for Mimouss

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the new French Air and Space Force (Armée de l’Air et de l’Espace) Rafale Solo Display (RSD) for the 2024-2025 season was presented: Captain Jean-Brice Millet, with the callsign “Mimouss”.

28 March 2024Military
Leonardo – Complete Helicopter Solutions

Over the past 100+ years, Leonardo, as a company, has undergone numerous name changes to evolve into the entity it is today. Tracing its origins back to 1864, expertise from various businesses has gradually merged into a single entity.

28 March 2024Military
WindRunner Aims to Transform Wind Turbine Transport

User Radia has announced plans to meet the logistical challenge of transporting enormous wind turbine blades by designing, building and operating the world’s largest aircraft. This unique aircraft will enable the deployment of the largest and best-performing wind turbines of the present and future to locations currently inaccessible to wind energy at a scale and speed that was previously impossible.

18 March 2024Commercial aviation
Flying Officer Percy Burton

Sometimes, a pilot's name is written in history through a lifetime of exceptional service. Other times, one's true character is shown by a single, life-changing, split second decision.

22 February 2024Military
Elevating Expectations: Flair Airlines' Impactful Year in Review

In a virtual press conference held on February 8, Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair, presented a comprehensive review of the airline's achievements in 2023 and shared insights into the company's future outlook for 2024.

22 February 2024News
Calgary International Airport Sets Record

Calgary International Airport (YYC) has achieved a significant milestone, welcoming an unprecedented 18.5 million passengers in 2023.

22 February 2024Commercial aviation
Canada to participate in largest NATO exercise in decades

The Canadian Armed Forces is set to participate in the largest NATO exercise in decades, that will serve to rehearse NATO’s Deterrence and Defence plans to counter threats to the Euro-Atlantic area.

25 January 2024Military
Right-sizing the Sri Lanka Air Force

Although Sri Lanka is now an island paradise, the country was torn apart by a civil war for multiple decades not too long ago.

14 January 2024Military