From the EditorAs we reach the end of 2021, it certainly feels like the year has flown past at a hypersonic speed. The past two years have changed our lives in every possible sphere. Even at Aviation News Journal, we have seen dramatic changes. The publication has gone from a printed magazine to a purely digital one, and the journey has been, and continues to be, quite an adventure. The most popular article of the past year was “A Cavalier Attitude”, written by Stu Simpson. The photographs in the article were the result of an air-to-air photoshoot, organized by Stu, in which I had the privilege of photographing two beautiful Cavaliers in the skies over Calgary. That article happened to be the main feature article of our 30th Anniversary Edition, which was the last edition of ANJ to be printed, and also our most popular digital magazine on our app. As we, and the development team at Magloft, continue to develop our app, it is steadily growing in popularity. This is quite encouraging, as we cannot wait to show you all the things we have planned for next year. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this month's edition. It has quite an international flavour, with articles from Canada, the Netherlands and Australia.

Wishing you all the best for 2022.

Fly safely,
Divan Muller
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