From the EditorAs we said in the January edition of Aviation News Journal, history will show the launch of this James Webb Space Telescope to be one of the most significant events of our time. Yes, it does not fall within what is normally perceived to be the realm of aviation, but as we always say, “If it flies, it’s in Aviation News Journal.” Read our article on the telescope from the aforementioned edition to see what it took to have the telescope in position and fully operational. We cannot wait to see the first images, which will be released on July 12.Meanwhile in this edition, we have the result of an interview with some of the creators of CBC’s new series, ‘SkyMed.’ It was fascinating to find out more about the passion, effort, resourcefulness, and detail that was put into the production of the show.

With the next edition of ANJ, expect plenty of images and videos from this year’s Canadian airshow season.

Fly safely.

Divan Muller
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