From the Editor

This edition's comic on page 1 sums up this past year quite well. So much has happened in 2020, that events that took place in the beginning of the year seem like a lifetime away. In just one year, life in general, as well in the aviation industry, has changed to the point that people talk about accepting the ‘new normal’, compared with our past lives of comparatively unrestrained freedom and travel.

Most have become armchair virologists, with opinions often as polarized as with American politics. Even our vocabulary has changed to incorporate new words, such as coronacation, zoom-bombing, covidiot, corona-waltz and corona-cut, with the last item on this list being a haircut one receives at home, due to a lockdown.

The extent to which the aviation industry has been affected can even be seen in the text of some of the articles in this edition of Aviation News Journal. The effects of the global reaction to coronavirus has had a massive impact on the publishing industry as well, which is why we would like to thank our advertisers for their loyal support over the past year in particular. Without the support of our advertisers, it would not be possible to print this magazine. On that subject, if times are tough for your business, which they probably are, we can help you reach your audience with a personalized plan of action, whether it be through advertising in this magazine, or through other marketing material or strategies.
On a positive note, we are looking forward to the return of real airshows, as opposed to online ones, and we cannot wait to bring all the action to you though our magazine and website.

Meanwhile, we wish you all the best for 2021. If you have a company in the aviation industry and you have news you would like us to share, let us know, and we will spread
the word.

Until next time, fly safely.
Divan Muller