Now is the time to support your future workforce!

How can you help your company, and our industry, prepare the next generation of skilled workers for aviation and aerospace careers?
One exciting option is to support Air Cadets across Canada in their pursuit of training and education. Whether it be a scholarship for future aviators named after your company or family, or an annual award to help recognize and incent Cadets in their occupational goals, there’s many options to help you build a qualified foundation of future employees and professionals.

There may be no greater, singular issue for our industry than being able to ensure that Canada’s competitiveness and capabilities are made possible through training and educating of citizens who will make the decision to pursue occupations in the sector.

We know that a key focus is to help young people gain clear understanding, motivation, support and career paths about aviation and aerospace careers, preferably as early as possible in their formative years.

What better way than to lend assistance to help motivate, or recognize, young people who are choosing the journey towards their future careers in the sector.

“We are pleased that the Air Cadet programme across Canada is one of the pre-eminent programmes for aviation and aerospace that helps to prepare and train our youth for future careers” noted Scott Lawson who is heading up the Business and Organizational Development aspects for some Air Cadet initiatives.

“Every year, approximately 28,000 young people participate in the programme, each one of them with their own potential goals and interest, seeking new learning and opportunities to gain skills that will help them in their future career choices,” continued Lawson. “Of this group, thousands graduate from the programme annually and many of them have chosen career and educational paths in the sector.”

“Given the age range of 12-19 for Air Cadets, it is the optimum age to provide the types of support and awards to youth as they learn and grow in their knowledge and interest about potential aviation and aerospace futures,” he continued. “While the programme has been a catalyst for the likes of leading professionals from Chris Hadfield to Maryse Carmichael, there are many thousands of current professionals across Canada who started out in the programme.”

How can I contribute to the success of our youth?

Across every province and territory, and in more than 450 Squadrons across Canada, Air Cadets engage in a range of activities related to aviation and aerospace amongst other exciting programs. At the national level, the Air Cadet League partners with the Canadian Armed Forces who delivers the programs. One of the key initiatives of the League is to offer and organize a range of scholarships and awards to help Cadets gain greater engagement and support in pursue of their interests.

Some of the options include:

• Scholarships. Many Cadets will pursue post secondary institutions, further training or apprenticeship in aviation and related careers. Scholarships can be directed at those pursuing a particular occupation, going to a specific program, or for a particular age group, geography or demographic from the Cadet population. Scholarships emanate from corporations, associations, individuals and even families – many of whom had, or have, a positive experience with the Air Cadet program. They can also be directed at those who may be pursuing careers or training in different areas and could include technology, sciences, music, math or engineering…it’s all up to you! Scholarships can be offered on a one time basis or annually if you wish to donate a larger amount, and all of the selections and administration of your donation goals will be coordinated with you by the Air Cadet League.

• Awards. This category can be the most flexible and creative opportunity if you wish to offer an award for an element of achievement or performance of an Air Cadet or, indeed, a number of Air Cadets. Awards exist for Cadets who achieve their private pilots licence, their glider pilots licence, and for those who combine such achievements with other elements of their Cadet careers. However, the League is fully open to helping you determine a particular award that meets your goals, and can be focused on such achievements as leadership courses, international Air Cadet Exchange, musical achievement, community service, to name some.

• Donations. Not sure what you may want to focus on, but you know that you want to assist a Cadet? The Air Cadet League accepts all donations and you can ask that yours will go towards one of the options noted and as needed to assist the overall program.

For more information or assistance about engaging in one of the options for supporting young Air Cadets, check out the Air Cadet League of Canada website at, or contact Scott through the following:

Scott Lawson