When You Can Count on Your Aviation Family!By Kathy Wrobel of Prairie Aircraft salesI had sold an aircraft to Europe that was to be shipped in a container, so the other day I went up to a small airport with a small crew to pick up the aircraft, as well as its floats and some other accessories that were to go with it. We had a pilot for the aircraft, a truck and trailer for the floats and other items. Just before arrival I received a phone call that the airport had closed that morning! What? This was a small aircraft that could take off on the airport's the grass strip; we just needed to clear it with the airport manager.

Upon arrival, we were able to speak to the airport manager who was great and very accommodating. We set up the pilot to cross over the runway being worked on and take off on the grass strip. Perfect, that problem was solved with the co‐operation of the airport folks.

Next we needed fuel. We had heard that the fuel pumps had not been working, but were now fixed. Great. The plane taxied over to the pumps. Well, the pumps were working, but there was no fuel in the tanks. Then we found an amazing company that provided us fuel from their company tanks and fuelled up the aircraft. We were then on our way with the aircraft.

Now it is off to pick up the floats to trailer back. Upon arrival it was determined that the floats don’t fit on the trailer that was brought up. No problem; one of the folks that we ran into at the airport had come along to help and he had a trailer that would work. Once again, problem solved.

The aviation family, I know I keep repeating it, but it is the most special family a person may have. They are there to assist you in any capacity that they can at the drop of a hat and without question.

I am always so grateful for the people I know, have met, and will meet in this industry as they are the nicest folks around. Thank you to all those who made a day that could have been filled with problems and bumps, a smooth flight for us all. We are very grateful to you!
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