From the EditorA few months ago, we mentioned that the ANJ team was working on an exciting project, which would be announced at a later date. Well, this is it: Aviation News Journal is now available in the form of a progressive web app (PWA), which can be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. With the previous edition, the magazine was published in print and electronically. I’m happy to report that feedback regarding that digital edition and the overall direction of ANJ has been overwhelmingly positive. We thank you, our readers and advertisers, for your support during this time of transition. It is very much appreciated!

In this edition, we have several exciting articles, including an airshow report, news on airborne law enforcement and firefighting, valuable advice on aviation insurance and aircraft ownership, as well as several articles on aviation history. With our new PWA, news articles will be published as stand-alone pieces as they happen, while more substantial articles of a more educational or entertaining nature, will primarily be published as part of a monthly magazine (referred to in the app as a ‘collection’). More features will be added as the app continues to be developed, so please contact me directly if you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the new magazine format.

Until next time, fly safely.
Divan Muller
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