Calgary International Airport Sets Record

Calgary International Airport (YYC) has achieved a significant milestone, welcoming an unprecedented 18.5 million passengers in 2023.
Photograph: Can Pac Swire
This figure surpasses the airport's previous record of 18 million passengers, set in 2019, marking a notable growth rate of 2.8 percent. This increase is a testament to the airport's expanding influence as a major aviation hub in North America.

Chris Dinsdale, President and CEO of The Calgary Airport Authority, expressed pride in this achievement, attributing the success to the collective effort of the airport's teams and the broader aviation community. "The record-breaking results of 2023 reflect the dedication of our teams and all those in our aviation ecosystem to serve the needs of our guests and our region," Dinsdale remarked. He also highlighted the critical role YYC plays in supporting Alberta's economy, contributing an estimated $8 billion to the regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The surge in passenger numbers underscores the growing demand for air travel, both within Canada and internationally. YYC has responded to this demand by offering non-stop connectivity to over 90 destinations worldwide, facilitating the movement of people and goods and fostering economic growth.

The year 2023 was notable for YYC not only because of the record passenger numbers but also due to the introduction of new carriers and the expansion of services by existing airline partners. This expansion has enhanced travel options for passengers, offering more choices to connect to in-demand destinations. The airport's commitment to improving service and connectivity was further evidenced by the announcement of new non-stop flights from Calgary to Seoul, South Korea, and Reykjavik, Iceland, scheduled to commence in the summer.

Among the Calgary Airport Authority’s planned initiatives is the West Runway Rehabilitation project, which underscores the Authority's commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and operational efficiency. Additionally, the introduction of new commercial and retail concepts in the terminal is anticipated to enrich the passenger experience.

The Authority's efforts extend beyond operational improvements. As a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Regional Airports Authorities Act of Alberta, it plays a pivotal role in managing and developing YYC and Springbank Airport (YBW). Safety is a cornerstone of the Authority's operations, ensuring that the airports serve as vital economic engines for Calgary, the surrounding region, and the province at large.

YYC's impact on the local and regional economy is significant, supporting thousands of jobs and generating billions in GDP through associated economic activity. This contribution is recognized beyond the aviation industry, with The Calgary Airport Authority being named one of Alberta's Top Employers for 2024.

As YYC looks to the future, the airport's strategic initiatives, including infrastructure investments and new route announcements, are set to further solidify its status as a key player in the global aviation landscape. With a focus on safety, operational excellence, and enhancing the passenger experience, YYC is poised for continued success, serving as a gateway for travelers and a crucial contributor to the economic vitality of the region.