What to Expect at AirVenture 2022

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) AirVenture, often simply referred to as ‘Oshkosh’ or ‘the convention’, is the largest aviation event in the world. The first EAA fly-ins were held in the 1950s in Milwaukee, WI, and later in Rockford, IL. In 1969, it was moved to what is today known as Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI, due to the dramatic increase in size of the event. Every year, the annual convention’s attendance grew at a tremendous rate. A few years ago, in 2018, the last time the ANJ team attended the event, more than 600 000 people attended the fly-in. About 40,000 visitors, including us, camped at the airport. A record number of 2,714 visitors from 87 countries registered at the international visitors’ tent. The actual number of international visitors was higher, as registration was voluntary and, given the multitude of distractions, not everyone made it to the tent. Even so, Canada took the top position on the list of countries represented by international visitors (538), with Australia (386) and South Africa (277) placing second and third respectively. No less than 976 journalists from six continents covered the AirVenture. More than 10,000 aircraft flew in to Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin. Also that year, there were almost 3,000 showplanes present, not to mention almost 900 commercial exhibitors, as well asnumerous forums, workshops and presentations. That was by no means a ground-breaking year, as these incredible numbers are quite normal during the annual convention. That said, what can visitors expect at this year’s edition of AirVenture? Frankly, too much to mention, but here are a few elements unique to AirVenture 2022:

The 75th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force will be one of the highlights of this year’s convention, which will be held from July 25 - 31 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. The current list of military aircraft at the show include:

- C-5 Galaxy
- C-17 Globemaster III
- F-16 Fighting Falcon
- KC-46 Pegasus
- HH-60 Pavehawk
- AH-64 Apache
- UH-60 Blackhawk
- MH-47 Chinook
- AH-6 Little Bird
- T-38 Talon
The 50th anniversary of Van’s Aircraft RV series, which has become the world’s most popular kit airplane, will be a major element of homebuilt aircraft activities at AirVenture. Celebrations will include: special Van’s RV parking areas in the AirVenture homebuilt aircraft area, multiple forums and workshops focused on RV aircraft throughout the week, RV aircraft flying during the AirVenture airshows, a July 25 evening program at Theater in the Woods with VanGrunsven, highlighting the history of the company that began as a backyard shop in Oregon.
RV aircraft - Ed Hicks / EAA
The EAA Young Eagles program, the largest youth aviation program ever created, will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Throughout the week, the goal is to fly at least 30 Young Eagles during AirVenture. Additional flights will take place in EAA’s powered parachute in the Fun Fly Zone.

Doc, one of two airworthy Boeing B-29s in the world, will be returning to Oshkosh this year for airshow appearances and static displays during the week. While the exact appearance schedule is still being finalized, the aircraft will be parked on Boeing Plaza for public view when on the AirVenture grounds. The World War II-era bomber will help commemorate the U.S. Air Force’s 75th anniversary at Oshkosh in 2022. AirVenture will feature aircraft from throughout the Air Force’s history, from its creation out of the Army Air Forces in 1947 to today’s modern military aircraft.

Over the course of the convention, nine air shows over seven days, including night airshows on July 27 and 30. Performers currently on the schedule include:

- AeroShell Aerobatic Team (T-6)
- Chuck Aaron (helicopter aerobatics)
- Eric Edgren (T-Clips)
- Kyle Fowler (Rutan Long-EZ)
- Kyle Franklin Comedy Act (Piper Super Cub)
- Mike Goulian (Extra 330C)
- Nathan Hammond (Super Chipmunk)
- David Martin (Beechcraft Baron)
- Patriot Parachute Team
- Jim Peitz (Beechcraft 33C Bonanza)
- RAD Aerosports Jet Waco w/ Dell Coller
- Red Bull Air Force (Kirby Chambliss, Aaron Fitzgerald, Kevin Coleman, and more)
- Red Line Air Shows (RV-8 and Extra)
- Bill Stein (Zivko Edge 540)
- Skip Stewart (Pitts S2S Prometheus)
- Trojan Phlyers (T-28s)
- Patty Wagstaff (Extra 300S)
- Matt Younkin (Twin Beech)

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