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WindRunner Aims to Transform Wind Turbine Transport

User Radia has announced plans to meet the logistical challenge of transporting enormous wind turbine blades by designing, building and operating the world’s largest aircraft. This unique aircraft will enable the deployment of the largest and best-performing wind turbines of the present and future to locations currently inaccessible to wind energy at a scale and speed that was previously impossible.

18 March 2024Commercial aviation
Elevating Expectations: Flair Airlines' Impactful Year in Review

In a virtual press conference held on February 8, Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair, presented a comprehensive review of the airline's achievements in 2023 and shared insights into the company's future outlook for 2024.

22 February 2024News
Calgary International Airport Sets Record

Calgary International Airport (YYC) has achieved a significant milestone, welcoming an unprecedented 18.5 million passengers in 2023.

22 February 2024Commercial aviation
Delegation never works

This is the second of a series of articles which focus on managerial challenges in the aviation and aerospace industries. The following brief scenario / case study which is meant to illustrate the problems associated with succession planning, career development and a changing workforce.

3 April 2023Commercial aviation
AutoFlight Announces Landmark Deal for 205 Aircraft

This deal sees EVFLY initially purchase 205 Prosperity I and Prosperity Cargo Aircraft from AutoFlight.

15 March 2023Commercial aviation
Setting a New Manager Up for Success or Failure?

This case study and analysis was written by Rod Hayward, an Associate Professor in the BBA AV (Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation) programme at the University of the Fraser Valley.

28 February 2023Aviation Management
Horizon Aircraft Completes Hover Testing of VTOL Prototype

On January 4, Horizon Aircraft, an advanced aerospace engineering company, announced that it has successfully completed initial hover testing of its 'Cavorite X5' scale prototype.

5 January 2023Commercial aviation
50 Years: Airbus A300

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Airbus A300's first flight. The airliner was developed in the 1960s by a consortium of European companies, which included Aerospatiale, Deutsche Airbus, British Aerospace, Casa and Fokker-VFV.

30 November 2022Commercial aviation
De Havilland Canada Announces Site of New Alberta Aircraft Manufacturing Facility

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited has announced that the site of its new aircraft manufacturing facility will be in Wheatland County, Alberta, approximately 30 minutes east of Calgary.

30 September 2022News
American Airlines to Purchase Supersonic Aircraft

American Airlines and Boom Supersonic today announced the airline’s agreement to purchase up to 20 Overture aircraft, with an option for an additional 40.

16 August 2022News
Creating SkyMed

SkyMed is a new one-hour CBC drama series about the intense personal lives of young nurses and pilots flying air ambulances in Northern Manitoba. SkyMed premieres in Canada beginning Sunday, July 10 at 9pm (9:30pm in Newfoundland) on CBC TV and will also be available to stream for free on CBC Gem.

10 July 2022News
Oldest Airlines in the World Still in Operation

Which are the oldest airlines in the world still in operation?

10 July 2022Commercial aviation