Switchblade Flying Car Reservations Exceed 100 Per Month

Samson Sky, creators of the Switchblade Flying Car has seen Reservations for its flying car climb to over 100 Reservations per month for the past six months.
According to Sam Bousfield, Samson Sky CEO and designer of the Switchblade, this is the largest increase in Samson's history. "Over the years, we've certainly had big surges in Reservations during major aviation events where we were exhibiting the Switchblade, but this increase is more than we've ever seen," said Bousfield.

Samson started the Switchblade Reservation Program in April 2016. Since that time, they have had a steady flow of people getting their place in line. As of May 2022, Reservations received were at an impressive 1634. Since then, they have received over 600 new Reservations, equating to approximately 100 new reservations per month. This brings Samson close to 2250 Reservations to date for the Switchblade, from 54 countries and all 50 states in the U.S.

Also of note, Bousfield reports that during this period, more than 50% of the Reservations received were from non-pilots. Due to the high level of interest from non-pilots, Samson is expanding their plans to include an effective in-house flight training program utilizing a world-class simulator.

The Switchblade has passed FAA requirements for experimental aircraft for flight testing, and tests are ongoing.

The Switchblade Flying Car transitions from road to air in roughly three minutes, after which you are free to fly to the airport nearest your destination and drive the last few miles, all in the same vehicle - shaving up to 65% off your travel time.

The Switchblade Flying Car is classified as a motorcycle by the U.S. Department of Transportation, but the Samson Sky team calls it a flying sports car because of its high performance. The engine is a supercharged, lightweight 190 hp liquid-cooled three cylinder with Skybrid Technology, with a top speed of 125+ mph / 201+ kph. In the air it is designed to cruise at 160 mph / 257 kph, with a top speed of up to 200 mph / 305 kph and a range of 500 miles / 805 km. Using Road & Track's slalom testing parameters, the Ground Test Vehicle outperformed everything in its wheelbase per Road & Track's historical database.

For more information about the Switchblade and to follow its progress to launch, visit: www.SamsonSky.com