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Grifone 2023

From 3 to the 7 July, the Aeronautica Militare (AM – Italian Air Force) held its yearly SAR (Search and Rescue) training exercise. This year, the event took place at Frosinone Air Base in the Lazio region, southeast of Rome.

14 August 2023Training
Repetition makes perfection

The Academia da Força Aérea (AFA, Air Force Academy) of the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB, Brazilian Air Force) is located at Pirassununga Air Base in São Paulo state, just under 200 km north of São Paulo.

3 April 2023Military
Preparing for Italy’s future Light Utility Helicopter

All the way down South in Italy, Calabria occupies the ‘toe’ of the country’s boot-shaped peninsula. It is a sun-baked region of rugged mountains, old-fashioned villages and dramatic coastline. Since October 1996, the region has been home to the 2° Reggimento Aviazione dell’Esercito ‘Sirio’ (2nd Aviation Regiment), which is based at the international airport of Lamezia Terme.

30 November 2022Military
Texada Aerospace Camp

This summer, the Texada Aerospace Camp returned to Texada Island, BC, to immerse youth from ages 10 to 16 in the basics of aviation and aerospace sciences.

21 September 2022News
B.C. AERO’s first training event for volunteer pilots and ground handlers

Saturday April 23 was a busy day at the office for BC AERO. The workshop and hangars of West Coast Pilot’s Club at Langley Airport were filled with volunteers and guests. This was the site for the first ever training session for members of the BC Airlift Emergency response Operation.

23 April 2022News
Baccarat 2021, Valley Deep - Mountain High

Hosted by the 4th Air Combat Brigade (BAC), the 5th annual edition of Baccarat took place the end of October 2021.

20 December 2021Military
Technical Training ‘Down Under’

RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) base Wagga, located next to the town of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, is where most technicians in the Australian armed forces start their careers.

20 December 2021Military
Now is the time to support your future workforce!

How can you help your company, and our industry, prepare the next generation of skilled workers for aviation and aerospace careers?

1 October 2021Commercial aviation
Ready for Fire

Prior to the summer fire season, Aviation News Journal had the opportunity to attend training and requalification sessions for pilots of Saint-Hubert Airport-based Heli-Inter, at a local airport in Saint-Hyacinthe "CSU3".

1 September 2021News
Turn Right on Yankee, Hold Short on Whiskey 10

Commercial airline pilots share their insights and experiences related to aviation and training.

1 February 2021Commercial aviation
Overcoming Training Challenges With Augmented Reality

It is no secret that covid-19 related restrictions have presented immense challenges, not only to the aviation industry as a whole, but also to training organizations. One Canadian company is using cutting-edge technology, augmented and mixed reality, to overcome these challenges. Advanced Composites Training, along with company founder Wilson Boynton, are known and respected internationally for advanced training in composite repairs and construction.

1 February 2021Maintenance
Flying with Mission Aviation Fellowship

On 20 May 1945, shortly after the Second World War had come to an end in Europe, a group of military veteran pilots came together to form the Christian Airmen’s Missionary Fellowship (CAMF), now known around the world as Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Over the course of the past 75 years, MAF has become quite famous for its advances in improving the lives of isolated people around the world, but what is it like to serve as an MAF pilot?

1 December 2020Commercial aviation