Tony LeVierTony LeVier
Tony LeVier

As a test pilot, Tony LeVier flew some of the most famous military aircraft in history.

Feb 28, 2023 Military
Elrey JeppesenElrey Jeppesen
Elrey Jeppesen

In an effort to preserve his life and the lives of his friends, Jeppesen began to draw airfield charts and made notes of flight routes in what he referred to as his ‘little black book’.

Feb 28, 2023 Remembering the Pioneers
Rockwell Space Shuttle ChallengerRockwell Space Shuttle Challenger
Rockwell Space Shuttle Challenger

The mere mention of the name ‘Challenger’ conjures up images of an exploding Space Shuttle. However, there is so much more to the Challenger story than its widely publicized, tragic ending.

Feb 28, 2023 History
Castoldi’s FightersCastoldi’s Fighters
Castoldi’s Fighters

Think about it. Would it make sense that Italy, the country famous for producing the world’s best cars, could go through World War II without producing any quality fighter aircraft? Were there any World War II era fighters that could be described as Ferraris, Alfa Romeos or Lancias of the sky?

Jan 31, 2023 Military
Paul KollsmanPaul Kollsman
Paul Kollsman

Kollsman invented the world’s first accurate barometric altimeter.

Jan 31, 2023 Remembering the Pioneers
Lincoln BeacheyLincoln Beachey
Lincoln Beachey

During the early 1900s, he was known as ‘the man who owns the sky.’ A hundred years later, some refer to him as the ‘father of aerobatics.’ Lincoln Beachey was arguably the most famous pilot of whom you have never heard.

Jan 31, 2023 Airshows
Aero Gatineau-Ottawa 2022Aero Gatineau-Ottawa 2022
Aero Gatineau-Ottawa 2022

After two difficult years, Aero Gatineau-Ottawa has succeeded in returning its 5th edition, which took place from September 16 to 18, 2022, to normal. This year, the show was bigger than ever, with a total of sixty aircraft present on the tarmac and in the sky.

Dec 29, 2022 Airshows
Floyd SmithFloyd Smith
Floyd Smith

For more than five centuries, numerous inventors, including Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, attempted to design reliable parachutes. However, it was only in 1920 that the modern parachute, as we know it today, was patented.

Dec 29, 2022 Remembering the Pioneers
John GlennJohn Glenn
John Glenn

With NASA and SpaceX making new headlines in recent months, it seems appropriate to remember the achievements of John Glenn, whose entire life could only be described as remarkable.

Dec 29, 2022 History
50 Years: Airbus A30050 Years: Airbus A300
50 Years: Airbus A300

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Airbus A300's first flight. The airliner was developed in the 1960s by a consortium of European companies, which included Aerospatiale, Deutsche Airbus, British Aerospace, Casa and Fokker-VFV.

Nov 30, 2022 Commercial aviation
Convair B-58 HustlerConvair B-58 Hustler
Convair B-58 Hustler

“By tomorrow morning the Soviet Union would likely cease to be a major military power or even a major nation.” – General Curtis LeMay in 1956, explaining what would have happened if Strategic Air Command’s nuclear bombers had been sent to the East.

Nov 30, 2022 Military
William WhisnerWilliam Whisner
William Whisner

It is rare for a pilot to become an ‘ace in a day’. It is just as rare to be awarded a Distinguished Service Cross three times or to become an ace in two wars. However, one pilot accomplished all of these feats during his career as a fighter pilot.

Nov 30, 2022 Military